Glop & Glam Posts Record First Half With 70% Growth, Increasing Market Share In The Kids Hair Care Segment

August 08, 2014

Glop & Glam Hair Products posts record growth after the first two quarters of 2014, enjoying 70% sales growth year over year, compared to the same period in 2013. This marks the fourth consecutive year of double-digit sales growth for Glop & Glam Hair Products exhibiting the strength of the brand and the kid's hair care category.

Co-founder and CEO, Nathan Ridgell, attributes the growth to "maintaining the focus and direction of the brand, holding true to the professional salon industry" as well as "strategically focusing on key partners in salon retail and distribution" including the addition of distribution partners Paramount Companies / Royal Beauty Supply (NY), MAKA Beauty Systems (AZ, UT, NV, NM), The Brittany Group (OH) and Kevin Ray Distributors (CO), with more on the horizon.

In addition to the distributors, the sales team of Joe Schuster, Director of Sales, and Allison Lee, VP of Sales, have added J.C. Penney Hair Salons [NYSE: JCP], SmartStyles, a Regis salon brand [NYSE: RGS] and Great Wolf Lodges to bolster an already robust salon and spa network, which includes fine kid and adult salons nationwide (see for a list of locations nationwide).

"Positioning ourselves as the brand delivering 'Hair Products for the Next Generation(TM)' has been key," says Co-Founder, Andrea Ridgell. Glop & Glam has refined and strengthened its brand message, helping deliver on its value proposition to customers. "We don't want to be everything to everyone," says Spencer Foosherian, Director of Marketing, "we want to own our position as the best hair product line for kids of all ages; and reinforce it everyday by consistently delivering our brand philosophy to partners and customers alike."

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