Summer Duo (Blueberry Shampoo + Creamsicle Detangler)

The perfect duo to combat dry, damaged swimmers hair. Blueberry Blast Clarifying Shampoo will remove the harmful chemicals and buildup from long summer days while Creamsicle Mist Moisturizing Detangler will help restore moisture and balance to summer hair. This dynamic duo also contains a unique blend of ingredients that serves as a worry-free lice preventive, keeping those unwanted bugs far away from little heads.

Blueberry Blast Clarifying Shampoo 10.7oz

  • gently removes buildup
  • awesome for swimmers of all ages
  • can be used daily
  • naturally tear free
  • paraben, sulfate & alcohol free
  • natural lice preventative ingredients

Creamsicle Mist Moisturizing Detangler 8.5oz

  • easily detangles wet or dry hair
  • refresh and control morning hair
  • lightweight, leave-in treatment
  • natural lice preventative ingredients
  • paraben & alcohol free

    Hair Types thin, medium, straight, wavy, curly, frizzy

    Hold light

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