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Healthy. Fun. Safe. Effective.  We at Glop & Glam provide professional salon products, designed by a hairstylist for her family and yours.  Delivering Healthy & Fun alternatives to harsher ‘adult specific’ lines, Glop & Glam combines Natural & Organic ingredients with fun scents to give your hair the very best.

Our products are free from parabens, sulfates, alcohol, phthalates, gluten, peanuts* and utilize vegan, cruelty free formulas.  Our preservative free fragrances add a fun element to the product line that matches the visual appeal.  We have added natural and organic ingredients/botanicals to improve the health of the hair rather than weighing them down with chemicals.

California Prop 65 - The Safe Cosmetics Act

Our products are made in Cali and we exceed the standards set forth by California's Consumer Safety Protection, California's Safe Cosmetics Program & Prop 65.  Prop 65 has adopted by several major retailers across the United States.  Learn more at


We were founded by celebrity hair stylist, salon owner and mother of two, Andrea Ridgell.  Andrea's hands-on experience in the ever evolving hair industry helps Glop & Glam stay ahead of the curve on industry trends.  We constantly working on making our products more natural, more effective and more fun for our customers.

We have removed the harmful preservatives including parabens and phthalates as well as irritants like alcohol, sulfates, gluten, peanuts.  Our products are never tested on animals and feature animal byproduct free ingredients.  Parents and Stylists trust our vegan, cruelty free formulas to provide the highest quality and most effective products.

Lice Preventative Ingredients

Glop & Glam features natural lice preventative ingredients.  Proven, chemical free combatants to lice and the evolving strains of 'super lice' which have been proven to be resistant to traditional treatments.  Our organic tea tree oils and neem oils are proven lice fighters and can be found our Candy Apple and Blueberry Blast Shampoos, Cake Batter Conditioner and Creamsicle Mist Detangling Spray.