September 29, 2018

Glop & Glam Unveils New Frizz Defying 'VANILLA STYLING CREAM' For Smoothing Fly-Aways & Frizz

Glop & Glam Hair Products is thrilled to announce the addition of VANILLA STYLING CREAM to its line of Natural and Organic Hair Care Products for toddlers, tweens & teens.  With this launch Glop & Glam continues its tradition of delivering the finest salon quality products to the children's market while helping solve the ever-present challenge of frizz & fly-aways.

Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of Glop & Glam, Andrea Ridgell (Mishay Salon), developed VANILLA STYLING CREAM with children in mind, but "really wanted to create a lightweight product that was effective for all hair types – from kids to adults" while being "safe for children" said Ridgell.  "Parents don't know what to use on difficult frizz or fly-aways," said Ridgell, "they usually end-up using the wrong products on their kids".

Through several rounds of testing with factories and consumers, Ridgell found the perfect formula – fitting both the brand philosophy of Glop & Glam and the salon quality standards achieved by the entire Glop & Glam Line.

VANILLA STYLING CREAM smooths hair, eliminating frizz & fly-aways without leaving hair feeling "oily" or "weighed down".   VANILLA STYLING CREAM adds moisture and shine making it ideal for blow-drying straight hair.  While providing the perfect amount of hold for buns, braids & ponies VANILLA STYLING CREAM also provides flexible hold for defining and texturizing style.  Just like every product in the Glop & Glam line – this Natural & Organic product is Paraben & Alcohol free + Gluten Free.


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