The Best Back To School Hairstyles - Inspired by your favorite Celebs

September 29, 2018 2 Comments



Try leaving a few strands hanging for a softer look & more playful vibe. Don't be overly concerned with getting the fishtail perfect either—the tousled look is what makes it pop!

You can pull off a short hair fishtail and take advantage of all your different layers poking out of the braid for that "roughed-up" super cool vibe

Use Glop & Glam Creamsicle Mist to get hair tangle free then put a little Vanilla Cream throughout the hair before you start the braid.  It will give your hair a little texture + hold + shine -- perfect for the tousled fishtail




Get Anna Sophia's Half-up Short Hair Look

  1. blow dry your hair using a diffuser to get your natural texture but with a bit of extra volume.
  2. use your fingers to roughly comb G&G Vanilla Cream through the top half of your hair
  3. secure in place with a few bobby pins & tug gently at some of the sections in the front
  4. let the hair naturally frame your face

Get Arianna's Half-up Long Hair Look by using your favorite brush to smooth back the top into a poinytail. Control fly-aways with G&G's lightweight Glitter Gel.  Take your bangs and twist through some Glitter Gel, pin to the side for the added Glam finish




Want that messy, just rolled out of bed look?  Wash your hair the night before, comb through Creamsicle Mist and put your hair into two french braids or mini ballerina buns (for longer hair) and simply go to sleep!  Wake up the next morning before school, take out the braids/buns and head to school with that perfect messy look! (run a little Glitter Gel through your hair for added texture, style & volume)




Add some funkiness to your hairstyle by braiding back the sides in small, 1-2 inch sections for those shorter cuts - then pin the braids up for a princess crown or a bohemian look.  Get a faux-hawk by pull long hair back super tight in the middle and braiding your wannabe mohawk down the middle for the that height defining style.  Use Vanilla Cream to smooth fly-aways and frizz and use G&G's Chocolate Controller on the longer locks to add shine + hold + smoothness

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Justin Colombo
Justin Colombo

December 11, 2014

Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!
Hair Salon Toronto

Donna McNeil
Donna McNeil

September 20, 2014

Super cute looks for girls of all ages – something for all hair lengths and types!

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